About Ambulette

Ambulette.org focuses on ambulette transportation for you and your loved ones.

About Ambulette.org & Ambulette Transportation

Ambulette.org focuses on ambulette transportation for you and your loved ones. We are a New York based company and we have been in business for over 30 years. In that time we have provided ambulette transportation to over 100 thousand client with over 2 million trips. Our clients use our service again and again because every trip we provide is as important and personal to us as the one we provide for you.

Our continuous safety and accident prevention training eliminated all serious incidents resulting in personal injuries of our passengers and staff.Our comprehensive insurance coverage includes auto and general liability and covers passengers inside and outside of the vehicle continuously during your trip door-to-door.

We are one of the oldest and most trusted ambulette companies in the area, but we use the latest technological advances in the office and our fleet. We regularly provide transportation service to various private clients, business, federal, state and local government agencies. Specialized transportation is usually covered by health insurance carriers, our staff can check with your health insurer or HMO. In any case you can pay for your service and get reimbursement later by submitting a receipt issued by us.

We are the experts in the field of ambulette transportation and we always strive to provide the most comfortable, safe, reliable, dignified and courteous service for special needs clients and their families.

Our Ambulette Transportation Fleet

We maintain a modern vehicles fleet, some of our vans are brand new. We buy them new from the manufacturer and then convert for accessibility according to New York State Department of Transportation standards. All of our vans have raised roof and doors, dual climate control to maintain comfortable temperature throughout the van, electric lifts, comfortable forward facing seats, white exterior, discreet outside insignia and tinted windows for additional privacy. All vehicles are tracked by GPS at all times. Our drivers are in constant contact with dispatch office by using modern cell phones. For safety, we use self-adjusting belt securement system for any type of mobility device (standard or motorized) or stretcher.

Long Distance Trips

Ambulette.org is available for trips to and from anywhere, originating, ending, or even passing through the Greater New York Metro Area. If you or your loved ones need ambulette transportation for long distance or interstate trips, our company will transport you door to door in comfort and stress free. Our accessible vans are also perfect for family outings.

All of our ambulettes are equipped with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and are in constant contact with the base. In addition to the driver we can provide an assistant to take care of all needs at rest areas and comfort stations.

Ambulette Transportation Safety and Training

Our continuous safety and accident prevention training virtually eliminates all serious incidents resulting in personal injuries of passengers and staff. We have comprehensive insurance coverage that includes auto and professional liability and covers passengers inside and outside of vehicle continuously, door to door.

We are unique in the industry in being able to accommodate all the ground ambulette transportation needs of the disability community.

Our Ambulette Transportation Staff

Our friendly multilingual Ambulette Transportation operators are expecting your call and will be able to assist you with all the details related to your trip or reservation. They will ask all of the right questions and schedule your request within a few minutes. Do not worry we do it hundreds of times daily as we have done for the past 30 years.

Our Ambulette Transportation drivers are all professionals, holding State Commercial drivers licenses, registered by the State Department of Motor Vehicle as passenger drivers, licensed by NYC T&LC, with many years of experience and are specially trained in working with special needs clients and their caregivers. In addition, our drivers must pass a rigorous two-WEEKS training course in vehicle safety and passenger care and courtesy. They know how to assist you with safely taking you to your destination and back. If necessary they can carry wheelchairs over staircases, transfer a patient from bed, and even move furniture to clear the passage. They literally will take you from door-to-door and make you as safe and as comfortable as possible.